18 M

Heaven to my right,
And Hell to my left.
I walk a fine line
Somewhere in between.

Side by side
We walk in silence.
I’ve never heard your heart
Beat louder than in the now.

Blackbirds sing their songs
At sunset
As the end of the world rolls in
Baptizing us with its icy waters
Into life anew.

It is not all together unpleasant.

I’ve walked on clouds
And found my wings,
All the while watching them
Be painted with the colours
Of the earth I’ve claimed as my own.

I wonder what kind of woman I’ll be?
With nettle scars on my knees
And a crown of flowers in my hair?



It’s funny how in but a breath
A lifetime can be lived twice-
And in the blink of an eye
I find my mind beginning to unwind
Darling, I swear over the rapid’s roar
I have never been so at peace-
As I fall, enveloped in the cerulean sky-
I could die, so why does that thought not bother me?

No, my body knows what to do,
Just let go of my shoelaces and I’ll take care of this one-
I think I may have been here before-

In a moment I am baptized into something anew-
It’s cold, but not an unpleasant feeling-

I wonder who I’ll be once I find my way back to you-
And why I find this so- exciting- In a zen sort of way-
Acting on instinct-
Maybe it’s time I got away from myself for a little bit,

But no, even from down here I can hear you cry my name
And I have no choice but to tame the fire
This flood gave way to-
For you I can wait a little bit longer-

I breach the surface and you pull me in again-
Gasping for air
You stare as I laugh in such a way
You haven’t seen me do in years-
Maybe I really have been reborn here-
But in the now I’m too tired even care-

Bring me back to the edge sometime-
Exhaustion is what I needed all along.