When she’s starving for love
She hands it our freely,
Because maybe,
Just maybe-
He needs it a little bit more-

And for days
And nights-
And all the hours in between-
She dreams of him
And his touch
In a time that is not-
And may never be-

Still, she smiles-
And still she waits
On silence
And what’s left
Of his breath in her lungs
And maybe that’s enough.

Maybe it always has been.


Between the Lines

Young, here and now
We roam far and wide
Hearts never ending
As we stand side by side

This is our time to live and to feel
To learn, and to love and to simply just be
You and me, we’re not so different deep down
Blazing like fire in the heat of the night
How could this bond be so wrong yet so right?

We burn infinitely brighter than all the rest
And so our scars set deeper too
The pain of the past haunting us
So we fake our smiles
And pretend we give fewer fucks than we actually do

Because we can’t risk getting hurt just one more time
Shards of shattered hearts still stuck in our minds
But isn’t that an awful way to live?
So bitter, cold and alone?
We play it safe and not sorry
Because we’re afraid of the unknown

Well, what if this is the one?
Well, I guess we’ll never know.
Because the risk is too great,
So we just let the love go.


Keep calm and keep it inside-
All the pain of searing scars-
The self doubt, self deprecation-
Something just isn’t right here.

The scratches down my back
Should be soothing
In the same way a stubbed toe
Distracts from a splinter,
Numbing everything else-
If only for a second.

And if nothing else, shouldn’t
The raised skin remind me
That you wanted to be here?
At least in the moment,
You wanted


For some strange reason
Something in me caught your eye,
Something in this self
Put together from scratch,
Rebuilt every morning
Because the end goal-
Just getting it right-
Still seems so far out of reach.

You say there’s something here,
Something strong for putting up
With the bullshit for so long,
But if that’s true then why does this
Feel so fucking wrong?

I’m not allowed to love myself,
You see?
It’s just not the way society raised me to be.

Love thy neighbor,
But hate thy self-

Shelf your dreams
For the sake of the machine
And keep on rebuilding from scratch.

Maybe if originality and trust
Were valued more than
Appearances and lust
I could maybe love you,

But you have a lot to learn too,
Because darling, don’t you see?
You don’t really love me-

Just the parts-
Put together from scratch.

Together We’l l Go

Can you feel it?
How, at moments like these,
Our hearts beat as one?

We are young-
And wild-
And free-
And the night is ours to take.

But why stop at the night?
We’ll take the day too-
And the evening-
And all the time in between.

We’ll get behind the wheel and go-
Because there are no limits to us-

We can go anywhere-
Because we have nowhere to be.

When you’re not looking for anything
You’ll find the most amazing things.

So come on-
Come with me-
And together we’ll go.

I Hope

I hope you never tire of
Imagining the city lights shining in the distance
To be stars, each one with a wish
Just waiting to come true-
Ad so I hope you wish away as the train rocks
The worries in your troubled mind to rest-

I hope moments like these are enough
To keep your heart light and happy
Until we find ourselves in each other’s arms again.

Mother Never Told Me

My mother once told me
That “you never really see
How toxic someone is
Until you breathe fresher air,”
But never mentioned
What comes after.

When he wasn’t toxic in the sense of
City smog, or exhaust from cars,
But of cigarette smoke and whiskey
In dimly lit bars
When you know you should have left
At least two drinks ago,

But it’s all so warm-
And feels so right-
That you don’t even bother to put up a fight
Against the poison coursing through your veins
As it turns your blood to fire-

Because this-
This is what the world has taught us
Passion feels like.

So we clench our fists tight
And hold on for dear life-
Even with our shaking hands
And sweating palms,

Because some addictions are just too sweet to break-
So we let them kill us instead,
And always with a smile…
And mother never told me that.


You preferred to watch the comets dance
In and out of your atmosphere-
With their speed and shining tails-
But I have always been a moon-
And so I knew-
Even through my eclipses-
It wouldn’t be long before you felt
My presence pull on your tides.


I’m not an optimist, I’m just stubborn-
It’s easy to get the two confused-
Beaten, broken, battered and bruised-
Used to my end-
But still, here I am again-
Somehow I just can’t be kept down-
But are you actually surprised?

With the guise of a small-town sweetheart
The galaxies within me are masked by
A domestic frame and a demure grin,
But you-

You felt them there from the start, didn’t you?

Maybe if you’d look me in the eye you too
Could catch a glimpse of all I have inside
And watch as our stars collide-

But then again, what do I know?
I’m just an optimist,

At least,
Everyone seems to think so.

Silver Lining

Maybe I need to learn
How to keep a tighter lip
And hide my heart
Which finds itself most at home
On my sleeve-

Maybe I’m a bit much
And I shouldn’t try to rush
Some thing so apparently
Precious to me.

But if that’s true,
Then why do the days
And nights without you
And your touch
Feel like an eternity
Each in their own respect?

Maybe I’m just hung up on your maybe-

And maybe I dwell on this a little too much-
But maybe I don’t really care,
Because maybe I’d rather deal with all the maybes
Than one more “what if”

And maybe I’ve lost my God damn mind
Trying to find the silver lining I swear
I’ve seen stitched into the very essence
Of your soul-

It keeps me tethered to you when your
Days are at their darkest-
Darling, don’t you see?
I cannot save you-
But I can at least help ease the pain-
After all, I’m not just here for the pretty parts,
But you already knew that,
Didn’t you?

God, I hope you do.