img_0799 About the Poet:

Hello! My name is Lindsey. I’m a 23 year-old poet based in New Jersey, and I’m really bad at introducing myself.

It’s funny, isn’t it? Someone who dedicates a good chunk  of their time to the art of writing struggles with a simple bio. Though I’d like to believe it’s because I’m so used to letting my poetry speak for me as opposed to outright talking about myself. Anyway, I started this blog so I could share my work with the world, poetry-fanatics and casual readers alike.

One thing I’ve noticed throughout the course of my twenty-three years is that humans, despite being deeply emotional beings by nature, have trouble expressing and coping with their own feelings. Maybe it’s a byproduct of the world we currently live in, or maybe it’s a defense mechanism turned self-destructive; either way, the toll it takes is undeniable. That’s why I write and share my work. I believe that art of any kind is therapeutic, not only the act of creating it, but in appreciating it as well. Most of my poems stem from toubles I’ve dealt with in my life, and what I see my friends going through in theirs. Not only does it allow me to cope with whatever was going on, but it allows me to explore myself on a deeper level, and really learn about who I am as a person. I hope through my work you can look into yourself too and explore everything it is that makes you You.

It’s so easy to forget what it means to be human. It’s so easy to turn your back on you emotions and go on pretending they don’t exist.


I see you all out there. To me, you are so beautifully human.
I hope my poems help you see that as well.

~Lindsey Marie