Ravings of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

It’s not you, it’s me-
These are the words that will fall from my lips
At the end of our time together.

You see, I just can’t be tied down, and you-
All the better because of it-
Will take your very first steps into your
New life of super fulfilled-
Super quirky awesomeness!

But until that day comes around,
Let me be the body of your fantasy-
The mind of the woman you want me to be-
Let me save you from yourself
And maybe then we’ll see-
If you can heal my broken soul-
So our hearts can love freely-

Awestruck, you whisper close-
“I just have to figure you out”
Not so much discover, but defined
By whatever it is you make of me
From the expectations in your mind.

Never myself, but Hell, why not see,
How much like your dream girl
You think I can be!
Etching my sorrows on the backs of locked doors-
And there is where they’ll stay,
Because really-
Who wants to hear them anyway?

You’re out of your mind,
And guess what,
I’m am too!
Did it ever occur
This is too good to be true?

And now it seems our story
Has reached its dramatic end.

You were too blinded to see
The real reason this could never work-
Darling, it’s you. Not me


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