Between the Lines

Young, here and now
We roam far and wide
Hearts never ending
As we stand side by side

This is our time to live and to feel
To learn, and to love and to simply just be
You and me, we’re not so different deep down
Blazing like fire in the heat of the night
How could this bond be so wrong yet so right?

We burn infinitely brighter than all the rest
And so our scars set deeper too
The pain of the past haunting us
So we fake our smiles
And pretend we give fewer fucks than we actually do

Because we can’t risk getting hurt just one more time
Shards of shattered hearts still stuck in our minds
But isn’t that an awful way to live?
So bitter, cold and alone?
We play it safe and not sorry
Because we’re afraid of the unknown

Well, what if this is the one?
Well, I guess we’ll never know.
Because the risk is too great,
So we just let the love go.


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