Tell Me About Me

Tell me about me-
I want to hear all you know
All about me.

Do I command this room with a whisper?
Or is there a power to my voice?
It it soft or sharp?

Am I beautiful?
Or just merely pretty?
Or not at-all in your eyes-

Is my garden full of red roses or white lilies?
And did I keep the thorns?

Am I cold or warm?
Inside and out?

Do I avoid eye-contact on the streets
Because I’m a bitch?
Or just painfully shy?

Do I sigh out of boredom?
Or does it come place someplace different?
Someplace deeper?
Someplace even I can’t reach?

Do I tear up in my right eye
Because it’s more sensitive to the cold and wind?
Or does it know a painful secret
The left one doesn’t?

Do I stare at the sky because I’m flighty and detached?
Or maybe I sympathize with something so
So pure-
So beautiful-
So taken for granted- because really,
When was the last time you actually looked at the sky?

Tell me, please,
Because I really want to know-
All you know, so please-
Tell me what you know about me.

Oh. Wait.
You don’t


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