On the Last Night

On the last night
I whispered sweet nothings into your ear
The entire way back to my place.

I knew what I wanted-
And you knew what I wanted-
But a girl’s got to play it coy, ya’ know?

So I turned away and blushed-
So you made the first move-

And what was supposed to be a kiss goodnight
Spiraled into something more

As your hands grew bold-
And my resolve faded away-
And I let myself be consumed by the flames-

You gave me mine in the front seat-
I gave you yours in the back-

I saw stars and stars
And wasn’t that was the same car from before?

But I let it go-
I’m not so innocent now, am I?

The pool of black lace at my feet reminds me-
Well what do you know, the windows really do fog up-

Do the seats still smell like sex?
And how did you explain it in the morning?

And how did it make you feel
When you drove away for good?


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