Days fly by like lights on highways
On the darkest nights of the year-
(When restless hearts speed on
And throw their inhibitions to the wind-
As infinity is set on high)

As I dance across fields of purple shadows
While golden rays streak across the painted sky
And the breath of winter barely parts from my lips-

It only stings a little bit.
How long will this last before something gives?
Because something always gives-
Break me away from all of this-

I want to go somewhere and feel
The pulse in my veins-
But what does it mean to be alive
When even sins and should-nots
Have fallen into a routine?

Here, only these brief moments of pain and ecstasy
Remind me of how it really is-
Of how it should be.

Only when I feel my -everything-
In such extremes
Do I remember that I am
In fact
Human too.


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