Silver Lining

Maybe I need to learn
How to keep a tighter lip
And hide my heart
Which finds itself most at home
On my sleeve-

Maybe I’m a bit much
And I shouldn’t try to rush
Some thing so apparently
Precious to me.

But if that’s true,
Then why do the days
And nights without you
And your touch
Feel like an eternity
Each in their own respect?

Maybe I’m just hung up on your maybe-

And maybe I dwell on this a little too much-
But maybe I don’t really care,
Because maybe I’d rather deal with all the maybes
Than one more “what if”

And maybe I’ve lost my God damn mind
Trying to find the silver lining I swear
I’ve seen stitched into the very essence
Of your soul-

It keeps me tethered to you when your
Days are at their darkest-
Darling, don’t you see?
I cannot save you-
But I can at least help ease the pain-
After all, I’m not just here for the pretty parts,
But you already knew that,
Didn’t you?

God, I hope you do.


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