Darling, I need to drown in something other than you-
I fall with the weight of this feeling
I can’t even hope to describe,
But damn it, I at least have to try.

You are like a magnet to the iron in my blood
And every time I see you I swear there is fire in my veins-
So why aren’t you burning with me?

The smoke on your tongue makes me want to set these words ablaze
So maybe then I could ignite you in such a way
And by chance taste the ash off your kiss-

I am one breath away from becoming a dragon-
The days and nights all drag on without you by my side-
The other side of my bed still houses a memory about the size of you-

And I just don’t dream the way I used to
When the edge of every fleeting figment was laced with you
And the thought that maybe you’d be there when I woke-

Maybe you’ll read this one day.
Just not today.


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