Wishing on Clocks

Dreamers of a different kind
Will chase their desires until death,
And even then, just maybe
A little bit further-

Watching dandelion dust transform
Into wings, carried on the whispered
Prayers that have fallen on deaf ears
One too many times-
A last resort we repeat every chance we get-

Desperation is a dangerous drive-
When combined with something else-
To hold together that which has already
Been broken for so long-

I have become a dreamer of my own kind-
Frayed on every edge with doubts-
And damn it-
The thought that when you fade
The world will just stay the same-

I wish on clocks because
Maybe this time it will be different-
Waiting on hands and faces
We’re always wishing to be,
But lack the bite to break through-
And I know I shouldn’t believe this to be true,
But do you even miss me when I’m gone?

I wish on clocks
Because this time
I hope it will be different.


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