Can I too find myself among the stars?
Dancing in constellations where I don’t belong-
It’s probably wrong, but nothing has ever felt this right before-
Wishing to shine with such brilliance,
The very same that captures me night after night,
Let’s shoot across the skies together,
Falling into infinity,
Can I even hope to keep up?

The big picture has always been there,
Long before the time of you and me,
But even my brush stokes leave marks-
And eventually my own tale will be defined too,
Painted with the colors of all I have the potential to be,
In the end, will you still be there standing next to me?

Do my scars set so deep
That my memory will live on
Long after I’m gone with the evening wind
And the blackbirds have quit calling my name?
And on nights like this,
Will you look up at the stars and remember I was there too?


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