Sleep Paralysis

On the nights when the stars slumber
Behind veils of darkness-
The moon’s muffled lullabies unable
To reach my yearning ears-
The monsters crawl into my bed with me.

They are merciless-
Musing softly of all my mistakes-
Making much of what should have been miniscule-
Over and over again-
The manic refrain
Knifing my brain
As they drink my worth dry
From the sorrows they rip
From my sleepless eyes
With their needle like claws
And I find myself paralyzed.

They paw restlessly
Beneath my clothes
And make my skin crawl-
Their touch is nothing like yours,
But lately
Seems to be far more familiar-

On nights like these I find myself wishing
That you were the monster who had
Crawled into bed with me instead,
But instead I am here alone-
And when I’m alone
They ravage me raw-
Drawing out the ugliest bits and pieces of me-
I wish you never saw these bits and pieces of me-

I wonder what you think of me now.


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